South Swell has been teaching surf lessons since 2000, all over The United States. We pride ourselves in giving you a genuine experience at the beach while maintaining safety and keeping the sport fun.

Our Staff

We are full blown water rats. Our staff is made up of a highly trained Lifeguards, EMT’s and Amateur surfers that have a passion for the ocean and the beach culture we live. We spearfish, free dive, build sand castles, and just love having fun at the beach. We’ve logged many hours in the water all over the world so that we can teach all ability levels.

Bran Maylee – Manager/Instructor:  With over 10 years of teaching surf lessons & lifeguarding he enjoys sharing the skills with others.  After graduating from SDSU he spent the next few years surfing around the world and working as a boatmen in Fiji & Samoa.  He has a wealth of ocean knowledge with years of experience in surfing, diving, paddling, boat driving and fishing. He holds an EMT and still lifeguards while teaching surf lessons.  

Lisa Horning – Instructor : UCSB graduated. Lexi lifeguards for the Cal State Parks and loves to be in the water.  From Stand Up Paddling to distance swims he goes crazy if he’s not near the water for any length of time.   

Thomas Dixson – Instructor:  Loves watching someone experience surfing for the first time.  Thomas is a elementary school teacher in Solana Beach during the year.  He is an avid waterman and still lifeguards in his free time.

Sally Ferguson – instructor: Student at the University of Southern California. She has been surfing for 7 years and is a San Diego native. She spends her free time catching as many waves as possible and taking her pug, Sally, for walks on the beach. Caitlin’s ultimate dream would be to travel to every country in the world and try every type of delicacy.       

Tom Archer – After finishing his bachelor of oceanography from UC Berkley Tom has spent the last couple of years working while traveling around the world to chase his passion of the outdoors.  Rock Climbing, Backcountry accents, shaping alia surfboards, granola eater and one hell of a good surfer.  A man that can ride just about any plank I’ve seen touch the ocean.  With a wealth of ocean knowledge Tom can answer just about any question you can fire off.